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Profound is a minimally invasive treatment designed to help people who have sagging skin and loss of volume around the mouth, cheeks, and neck. A handheld device with tiny needles is placed on your skin, using radio-frequency technology, heat is released at a precise temperature and depth. Many people notice signs of aging when skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag around the face, jawline and neck. Intrinsic aging, also known as the natural aging process, is a continuous process that normally begins in our mid-20s. Lifestyle, diet, personal habits and sun exposure often act together with the normal aging process to prematurely age our skin. Most premature aging is caused by sun exposure (photo-aging). Other external factors that prematurely age our skin are repetitive facial expressions, gravity, sleeping positions, and smoking.

Profound Benefits

What Areas Does Profound RF Treat?

Profound can be used on more than just the face. Profound tightens up “bat wings”, inner thighs, knees, and loose skin without surgery or downtime. Cellulite of nearly any area can be treated!

  • Sagging jowls
  • Loose or sagging skin under the neck
  • Double chin
  • Loose or sagging skin on the body
  • Cellulite and more!
Hound Does Profound Work?

Profound works by helping the skin to build collagen and elastin. Profound heats the skin to an exact temperature and depth for an exact amount of time, delivering precise energy to the deeper skin layers, where it is most beneficial.

No surgery, no injectables; just your body’s own collagen and elastin to help you turn back the clock on aging.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Candidates for Profound RF facial rejuvenation should be in good health with realistic expectations for their results. While facial aging cannot be completely reversed, anyone with sagging and lose skin, double chin or wrinkles can benefit from the treatment by improving, firmness, tone and texture of their skin.

Depending on your needs and goals, Dr. Rapaport may have additional or alternate treatments to recommend additional treatments like BOTOX, fillers, and other minimally invasive procedures that can compliment Profound RF.

Profound RF Benefits

Is Profound Better Than Facelift?

It is important to know that Profound is not meant to replace a surgical facelift. We are targeting the lines and wrinkles in a different way than we do with surgery. It is best to think of this as a way to provide skin tightening and not a change to the facial anatomy. Profound can be described as a non-surgical facelift alternative for those who do not need or are not ready for a full facelift.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Profound procedure is usually done in one single treatment. This treatment had a 100% response rate with wrinkles and a 95% response rate for skin laxity in clinical trials. Results typically begin to show two weeks after the procedure, but most people see maximum results between three and nine months after the procedure.

Get The Cutting Edge RF Skin Rejuvenation Technology!

Are you looking for younger, fuller skin? Maybe you have wrinkles you’d love to see disappear? Maybe you’re self-conscious about an area of cellulite? A revolutionary new energy-based treatment, known as Profound, can produce lifted, smoothed, contoured skin without a surgical procedure. Get this wonderful technology from Dr. Rapaport!

Profound RF Quick Facts

3 Skin Fundamentals

Stimulates the creation of all 3 skin fundamentals: Collagen, Elastin & Hyaluronic Acid.

FDA Approved Procedure

FDA approved non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment performed in our office under local anesthesia.

Safety Info

Safe & effective for men and women, all skin types, including ethnic skin.

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Dr. Rapaport understands that every patient comes into his office with unique goals and anatomy. He approaches each procedure with a personalized perspective so as to give his patients the best results for their needs. Each patient will have a different procedure and therefore a different price. At the end of your consultation, you’ll receive a detailed quote of your personalized treatment plan.

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