Matthew Kaufhold

I have now been a client of Dr. Rapaport for three years receiving P R P treatments on my thinning hair and i can’t put into words how satisfied I am with the results. I started out with one session a month for 4 months and just prior to my third session I had considerable hair regrowth. I was amazed at how much hair regrew and how much my existing hair became even more thicker.Three years later I have continued to maintain these results and I go once every 5-6 months.

The staff in the Englewood Cliffs office are efficient, caring and welcoming. Dr. Rapaport office is busy and at times you’ll have to wait but for results like the ones I gotten, it’s worth it.

I was once asked by one of the staff members if I got a hair transplant because she was so amazed at how effective the treatments were. All I did was follow Dr. Rapaport daily instructions and kept up with the treatments he recommended- I just wish I had done it sooner.

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