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Facial Acne Scar Removal: Fast, Efficient, Optimal Best Results. Multiple Treatment Options. Dedicated TOP Doctor in NJ

While acne itself is a frustrating condition, it can leave a footprint long after it’s gone in the form of facial acne scars. While these shallow pits can continue to be an eyesore, Dr. Rapaport offers a variety of facial acne scar removal options to help patients find relief. From laser resurfacing to skincare and maintenance, we can help find the perfect noninvasive treatment for you. With our comprehensive, hands-on approach, you can enjoy among the best acne scar treatment in New Jersey


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Dr. Rapaport understands that patients suffering from acne scars are looking for immediate treatment. For this reason, he offers a comprehensive array of treatments to cater to all skin types and colors. Your acne scar treatment begins with a thorough consultation so Dr. Rapaport can determine which treatments will best suit your needs. Our doctor may have you undergo a single treatment or a combination of treatments to provide the best result.

The acne scar treatment plan recommended will be dependent on several factors, including the type of acne scars you have, whether they are primarily on the surface or extend into the deeper layers of the skin, as well as your skin color and overall skin tone.

Video: This patient is undergoing a multi lift Combination treatment for Acne Scars using Subscision+Hair-Therapy+Profound RF treatment. Video shows the last part – Profound.

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