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If you are looking for a way to shed those stubborn pockets of fat on your thighs, abdomen or back (as well as smaller areas such as arms), then CoolSculpting by Zeltiq might be the treatment you are looking for. This non-invasive procedure leaves no scars, does not require any anesthetic, is virtually pain-free and won’t make you look like you’ve had any work done.

This procedure is great for those who are relatively physically fit, but have a few unwanted areas of fat to get rid of. It does not work for those who are extremely overweight or those who have a very low BMI. The tool used in this procedure must be able to seal around the treatment area in order for it to work properly.


CoolSculpting works by cooling the treatment area to a temperature that kills fat cells. The fat cells die off then your body naturally eliminates them over time. This means it will look like you are losing the fat gradually and naturally. In some cases, you may need more than one treatment to get rid of all of the unwanted fat, but the count of fat cells diminishes with each treatment. However, if you gain weight, you could end up with fat in the treated area because the remaining fat cells can still grow and multiply.


For most patients, the procedure is not painful, but might be a little uncomfortable during the first few minutes. When the tool first begins to cool the fat cells you may experience an intense cold sensation, but this goes away pretty quickly. You will either be seated or lying down during the procedure, and many patients spend the time relaxing, reading, working on their phone, laptop or tablet.


Most patients begin to see results around three weeks following their procedure. At two months your body will still be flushing the fat cells, but you will see dramatic results at this time. Within a couple of months you will see complete results after having done CoolSculpting in New Jersey.


After the procedure, there is no downtime. One to two hours after your procedure you can resume your normal activities such as working out, swimming, lifting weights and much more. You may experience some redness for up to four hours in the treated area, much the same as you would if you used ice to treat a bruise or sore muscle. In addition to redness, the treated area may be a little hard to the touch, but this will go away quickly. Lastly, some patients experience bruising and loss of feeling in the treated area; the bruises are superficial and will go away within a few weeks. Loss of lessened feeling in the area can last for up to 8 weeks.

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